Borghi Simona

Simona Borghi was born in San Gimignano (1964), and now she  lives and works in Siena. It’s a self-taught artist.
Over the years she has tried many techniques: pastels, watercolours, oil and acrylic painting. Borghi loves Siena and the Tuscan countryside in a very special way, she paints with a delicacy and with a spontaneous painting technique.
It is a painting style which, not exempt from post-Macchiaioli echoes, celebrates the rural environment across brilliant relationships between light and colour, imbuing the compositions with harmony by means of a certain lightness which emanates from the joining of complementary tones.
It is in this way that his extraordinary representations of vast flowered meadows and cultivated fields immersed in the summer heat take form, Simona Borghi’s landscapes never include the human form:  in her paintings man is the spectator who is amazed by the painter’s game of agrestic nature, and the artifice of painting evokes in him hidden sentiments and bucolic sensations.



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• 26 marzo 2015

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