Chirici Bruno

Bruno Chirici was born in Livorno where he still lives and works. The fertile and delightful Tuscan countryside has attracted painters and Bruno Chirici is a clear confirmation: the painter is attracted to houses and green hills.  Trees and flowers in bright colours, winding streets and pleasant meadows.  A painting, that by Bruno Chirici, totally dedicated to nature, more accessible and much loved by the public. Generous palette that opens from the first meeting, a friendly dialogue with visitors, colours distributed impetuously, without remorse, without hesitation. Are evident in his paintings a serious preparation and a continuous desire to achieve harmony and agreements.  This painter who has so far worked in silence, which has so far preferred to operate without seeking consensus or complacency but with only a desire to take possession of subjects who ever since the early years of the conquered, is receiving the love of an increasingly wide.  Fashion, art movements have never bound Chirici, this painter has always obeyed the instinct has not compromised and does not care if you accuse him of excessive conservatism. The teaching of teachers Macchiaioli is obvious but it is also clear coherence and, above all, I repeat, a spontaneity indisputable. While building on the values of the past, Macchiaioli and  post-Macchiaioli schools Chirici not give up its search for a recognizable language, is still very young and while following the path of tradition will ever greater autonomy. “The real” are words of Gino Romiti “is the greatest teacher who pursues the truth sooner or later will be rewarded: obviously a true interpreted through its own personality. “

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• 26 marzo 2015

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