Berardino Nicola

Nicola Berardino was born in Andria (Bari), Italy, in 1961. He attended the Painting School in Gattico ( Novara ) Italy , directed by the artist Piero Leo and the School of Engraving School guided by professor Luigi Astuto. Since 1985 he has taken part in many personal and group exhibitions which have achieved widespread success and positive reactions from the critic as well as from the general public. He participates with his artworks to the major art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His artworks depict the most beautiful Italian landscapes. The technique used with big ability is the spatula. The colours are intense, full of light.
Nicola Berardino’s painting certainly have the merit of offering us various landscape setting, transformed into the shining  atmosphere of lake and sea, giving rise to reflections which disrupt the image to turn the mind gradually and with no logical connection towards a modern and almost informal concept of art.
This is the result of the blending of two contemporary  trends, long considered irreconcilable: impressionist technique and the informal perception of reality which crosses it; thus raising the art admirer to higher levels.

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• 26 marzo 2015

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