Cantini Claudio

Claudio Cantini was born in Pieve Fosciana ( Lucca, Tuscany ) on July 10th, 1954. Since childhood, he demonstrates a particular interest in oil painting. He spends the first part of his life in Livorno, the city of Modigliani, Natali, and other big painters of the twentieth century and he remains fascinated by Macchiaioli’s painting. During Surveying Institute, he alternates frequent visits to the Art school (Villa Trossi Uberti in Livorno) with the studios of Livorno’s painters where he deepened his knowledge about Labronica painting. The compositional talent of Cantini is characterized by a profound desire to represent reality free to bring to the surface psychological elements ignored by the immediate vision. Realistic atmospheres determined by the power of nature, come into conflict with the figurative details, bright colors, and forms immersed in the pure sense of beauty. The Cantini’s style is characterized by a vibrant and lively brushstroke that gives brightness and freshness to his paintings. He participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions throughout Italy: Roma, Livorno, Lucca, Pescara, Cortona, Volterra, Trieste.


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• 6 luglio 2020

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