Orsini Marco

Marco Orsini was born in Pontedera  (Pisa) in 1959, and lives in Livorno, a city on the Tuscan coast, where the Macchiaioli current was born during the second half of the 19th century. He has always shown an enormous interest in painting since he was very young. He is a self-taught painter, who is an important part in the artistic panorama. In his paintings he is able to recreate an atmosphere full of poetry. Oil colours are spread on the canvas with a delicate chromatic sensitivity, able to cause pleasing sensations. During his first years in Livorno, spent learning the technique from very famous painters, he learned the taste of representing the Tuscan countryside landscape especially caught up in the sunset moment. His recent production is a proof of the growing talent. His paintings very often represent extremely realistic far landscapes that transmit a particular inner serenity. He often uses warm and bright colours. The way he uses the brush conveys sensations of extreme clearness thanks to his clean and resolute lines representing a nature that is peaceful and alive. During his career he has won many recognitions, one of them is the Premio Rotonda, famous big collective exhibition of landscape-painters. His works are found in many public collections and innumerable private collections in Italy and abroad, demonstrating yet again the wide appeal of his works and the ample consensus of the public in his regard.

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• 26 marzo 2015

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